I was first put on to the TYPO Berlin conferences by an old professor, Brooklynite, living type legend and a 100% original Mr. Ed Benguiat. If memory serves me correct he was a guest speaker their a few years back as well. This years event, under the title SHIFT, just wrapped up and I was reading a recap from the team over at i love typography. The whole idea of pushing the envelope and changing your perspective is an important thing for a designer to remember. It's easy to stand still and keep doing what works, the glory however usually always comes in taking the risks and thinking different.

The next go around of the TYPO conferences will be out in London for a few days in October. They describe it best:

Places will bring a vibrant global conversation about our surroundings, how we interact with people and environments and the stuff that defines our understanding of the world.
Design and the creative process is often the unifying factor linking people, places and things together. TYPOLondon 2011 Places (#typoconf) hosts an exciting panel of speakers discussing our sense of place, the way we live, behave, move around, communicate and interact with each other. From information and urban planning to social networks, online communities and animated worlds, places shape our social behavior and the stuff we choose to surround us.
This would be a great time to have that long talked about metalbox design group team meeting in a foreign country other than Mexico. Gang or not, i'm gonna try to make a weekend trip out there and take part in this. Would be a great inspiration and a way to meet some new people.
May 26, 2011 by james mcdonald

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