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 One week to go before I get married. The last few months have been filled with designing, printing, cutting and assembling all of the materials needed for the day. It really is a lot of work that go’s into it, especially if your a designer. Shout out to all the invitation designers out there, i could’nt imagine having to deal with a bride and groom on all the back and forth changes needed. I never understood why an invitation could cost 10 bux a pop until now.
The above picture was taken after an xacto cutting sesh in my studio. Their have been about 12 of these and a good 5 more to go. Am psyched on how everything is coming out, i have nice theme going. I’ll show all of the materials made after the wedding and mini-honeymoon out in Montauk.

May 17, 2012 by james mcdonald
Tags: long island

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