Long Island Towns Typography Map


The original Long Island town map, every letter hand drawn with no typefaces used. A modern approach to cartography, the result is a puzzle like effect of each town's hand designed name within it's accurate geographic borders. With this hanging on your wall it's certainly a one of a kind way to show your pride for Long Island and intrigue your friends and family. 

It's also important to note this poster size fits into an easily accessible ready made frame size available at most frame stores.

Designed in 2009 and still going strong, this map was one of my original maps that has since grown into over 100 different cities and countries. Often imitated but never duplicated original artwork.

36 x 12 inches with a 1" border of white or less
24x60 inches with a 2" border of white
Giclee Print- Rainbow, Blues, Grays, Vintage, Architects Blue Vintage and Custom
Lithograph Print- Greens
Signed by the artist
Acid Free, 110lb cover, HP Premium white FSC certified paper
Shipped in a protective corrugated tube

Puzzles are mounted to .25 inch foamcore board and cut randomly in a slide style. Not two maps are identical and are approximately 250-300 pieces. They are signed and cut by the artist.

For framing options, questions or comments please contact: james {@} ilostmydog.com
This image is copyright protected with the US Copyright offices. Any use of it without consent is prohibited. Simply contact me for permission of use in commercial instances.

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