Washington DC Neighborhood Type Map


Few places in the world have so many important landmarks, museum, classic food joints, soul and history as does D.C. A long time favorite of mine for a weekend culture escape from New York. I try to get out their every year or two and check a ball game, grab some Ben's chili and see a new art exhibit at one of the museums. This map is for all those that have a love of our nations capital.

NO TYPEFACES WERE USED IN THE DESIGN, this was all hand drawn and rendered on my faithful macintosh. A modern approach to cartography, the result is a puzzle like effect of each hood's hand designed name within it'saccurate geographic borders. With this hanging on your wall it's certainly a one of a kind way to show your pride for DC.

18 x 24 or 24x36 inches
Giclee Print Signed by the artist

Acid Free, HP premium super heavy weight matte 80lb cover, Brilliant white FSC certified paper
Shipped in a protective corrugated box

Puzzles are mounted to .25 inch foamcore board and cut randomly in a slide style. Not two maps are identical and are approximately 250-300 pieces. They are signed and cut by the artist.

This image is copyright protected with the US Copyright offices. Any use of it without consent is prohibited. Simply contact me for permission of use in commercial instances.
• 18x24 Rainbow version is a 4 color process lithograph signed by the artist

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