Updated Store List

I added a few more stores on where you can find some of my type maps. 

Here's an updated list of who, what and where.


Harlem Flo (currently in construction merging boutique and florist)

2276 Frederick Douglass Blvd (Eighth Ave)
Time out article about them here.

Shop Exit 9  Lower East Side

Carries New York City map framed and unframed

51 Avenue A  

New York, NY 10009
212) 228-0145 



Shop Exit 9  Cobble Hill

Carries Brooklyn map framed and unframed

127 Smith Street  Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 422-7720


Carries Brooklyn map framed and unframed

225 Court Street,

Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 422-0255


Homebody Boutique

Carries Brooklyn map framed and unframed

449 7th Ave # 1  Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-8980  



Frame Me

Carries Brooklyn map framed and unframed

9014 3rd Ave # A  Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 748-5259


Site NYC

Carries Queens framed and unframed maps, Queens T Shirts and Brooklyn and NYC boxed maps.

35-11 34th Avenue. 

We are conveniently located near the Steinway R/M line, or the Broadway N/Q lines.




Carries Long Island and Fire Island framed and unframed maps

Bay Walk, 

Ocean Beach NY

Fire Island

Ocean Beach Recap


Thank you's go out to everyone that came out for the fair this past weekend in Fire Island. Was great to see some customers from last year and just as nice to make some more people happy with our art. Luckily the weather held up for the entire weekend and into the night.

All posters that we ran out of and that need to be shipped are mailing out tomorrow. You should have by the end of the week or early next week the latest.

Next up for me is back to Long Beach on the  25th and 26th. I will actually be away on vacation but some of the metalbox crew will be holding down the fort. I will have a few new things available at this fair as well, so come out and say whats up. Until then check out some of the images of the fair and the weekend.

Jam session during happy hour 

Dude named Tom Brady buying on of Genes pieces....Irony!

Best dressed on the beach too.

Water was rough all weeknd. Didnt even get a change to get wet....sucks. Next year were staying an extra day.

Michelle and me winning in darts til 3 in the morning. We were the official King and Queen of the dart board on that night. Check out that form!

2 maps hanging in the window at Klines. Great store for getting your beach gear and souvenirs.

View from the ferry of the Great South Bay and the Robert Moses bridge in the background.

August 14, 2012 by james mcdonald

New retail stores carrying my art


  I am proud to announce that we have added a new store to the mix of places where you can buy some of my posters. Welcome SiteNYC in Astoria is the newest location to join Harlem Flo Boutique up on Marcus Garvey Blvd in Harlem and Kline's in Ocean Beach, FIre Island. If your in the neighborhood of these stores go ahead and stop in, they each offer some really great product and I could'nt be in better company.

Marriage Material


 One week to go before I get married. The last few months have been filled with designing, printing, cutting and assembling all of the materials needed for the day. It really is a lot of work that go’s into it, especially if your a designer. Shout out to all the invitation designers out there, i could’nt imagine having to deal with a bride and groom on all the back and forth changes needed. I never understood why an invitation could cost 10 bux a pop until now.
The above picture was taken after an xacto cutting sesh in my studio. Their have been about 12 of these and a good 5 more to go. Am psyched on how everything is coming out, i have nice theme going. I’ll show all of the materials made after the wedding and mini-honeymoon out in Montauk.

May 17, 2012 by james mcdonald
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Please welcome the newest member of the map family, Queens New York. This one is a bit different from the rest as I've included the names of the bordering hoods from other counties, not the county name, so their is even more info for the surrounding boroughs. I payed a lot of attention to detail and did thorough homework on including as many hoods and parks as I could. I also had the help of a friend who is born and bred here, down to the QUEENS tattoo on his neck. So rest assured every important neighborhood has been included; from Hunters Point to Bellerose, Malba all the way down to Old Howard Beach and the A train out to the Rockaways. Modern cartography at its finest, available for purchase immediately in the store.


October 30, 2011 by james mcdonald

Farmingdale Street Fair


We had a spur of the moment opportunity to have a booth at the Farmingdale fair out on Main St. over the weekend. Was a perfect day to get outside and I wanted to thank all the people that came through the booth. We are always grateful of the compliments and gratitude we get from people and am glad to add something different to these types of events. Graphic design, and good art in general, should always be something that is readily available to the people. I am glad we can contrast the things you see with something that is original, our own and as one thoughtful gentleman put it "valid".

It's also really great to see the disparity of people that buy from us. I sold to a woman who's sending a Long Island map to her family in Thailand, an Aussie who was bringing home a Manhattan map for himself, a ride your bike, jets and giants poster to a football loyalty confused bicycle lover, an Ireland map to and Irishman from Leitrim and of course several LI maps to people from the neighborhood. Indeed a few steps closer to global supremacy that even a little kid throwing up outside our booth cant stop.

One thing I wanted to point out, based on a comment from a customer, is that I was able to make an addition to the Long Island surf beaches poster. So welcome Tobay Beach, the often overlooked neighbor of Gilgo to the mix. Am having these printed as lithographs and are available immediately.

Thanks again to all  the customers and other people who showed interest. I also decided to continue having free shipping so that you can get something you may have not pulled the trigger on, and not have to pay for the shipping. If you have any questions feel free to email me or drop a comment in post.

October 10, 2011 by james mcdonald

Upcoming Shows

On the day that Summer is officially over, we want to fill you in on a few shows we have coming up over the next month or so. We will have a booth at the following shows on LI and Brooklyn::

Long Beach Irish Festival Oct. 1st
Bay Ridge 3rd ave. festival Oct. 2nd  
Oyster Bay Oyster Fest Oct 15th and 16th

Syosset Fall Festival Oct 22-23rd

Come say hello and check back to see where else we end up the rest of the year.

September 23, 2011 by james mcdonald

Argyle Craft Fair, September 2011


Was great to be out in Babylon over the weekend to take part in the annual art and craft fair held at Argyle park. We met a lot of cool people, had some laughs and sold some merch too. Though the details of the story witll have to be kept off the internet, the best part was giving Gene, Victor and his wife a lesson in good ol' fashion economics of buying low and selling hi.

All of the orders that were made on prints that were sold out have since mailed out with the exception of 3 people whom I will be hand delivering to your doorstep this Friday afternoon/night. Looking forward to having a few more shows in the fall and into the holiday season. As always, all of the product at the fair is available to purchase in the store!

Here are a fe other pics.

Future customer checking out a print.


 The Captain just couldnt resist checking us out

September 21, 2011 by james mcdonald

Brooklyn Type Map


I recently made my version of a Brooklyn type map to add to the rest of the print collection. It has been on my list for a while in what my Chinese calender refers to as the year of the type maps. After I made the first 6 or 7 , I figured it was time to tackle the place where I have been living for almost ten years and after finishing I think it's time to give a recap of where I am at with the project as a whole.

I got inspired to a Long Island map after seeing a few others and knowing I could do a better job. The main difference being mine are done in my own hand style and use no fonts at all. Every letter to all of the hoods, countie, states or prefectures was created freehand which takes hours of time drawing on and off the computer. Props due to some to other ones that are out their, especially this one from a girl out in the UK named Ursula Hitz who has done some nice maps including one of London city as well as a cropped section of the 5 boro's very nicely. Here is a shirt by the team over at BK Industries that uses some typefaces, not really feeling that one though. And while I dont care much for the design and use of a single font, I got to give this girl props for building a solid line of maps. Finally the team over at Axis Maps that use type and traditional cartography to make some truly beautiful and accurate maps. I just bought their map of Chicago as a memento to where i recently proposed to my fiance.

So their you have it, a little bit of a reference for different type maps. I hope you'll find mine to be different from the others, at a great price and worth your hard earn $$. I sure enjoy making them and have several more on the radar and  in the works to complete my collection.

The team over at Axis Maps that does a really great job on their maps. I think they have some sort of software that generates these since they offer many different types of mapping services.

Dope London city type map with hand letteing and kerning. Really well done.


Some color options. Still not sure which one I am going with.



The gluttony of hoods downtown and beyond.

August 24, 2011 by james mcdonald

Long Island Town Type Map Series II


After selling out of the first Giclee Print series of these I decided to get into it all over again with a new updates series. This version includes some towns that were left off in the first run. So the people from or whom love Point Lookout, Atlantic Beach, Lido Beach Ceder Beach and West Hempstead should all be really happy. Though they are small, I also added the rest of the beaches and districts of Fire Island as well as the major bridges going down to the South Shore beaches.

This series are lithograph prints on some really good paper, i went with a Lindenmeyr Munroe 80 pound uncoated, acid free and recycled paper. The series is numbered to 500 pieces and I have signed each of these to make them a great art print. They are available in the store now and ship wrapped and tagged with the number of each print on a bookmark inside a protective corrugated tube.

Some Close-Ups



August 16, 2011 by james mcdonald